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Sailor Beast is a multigenre music producer / dj. Making waves in the regions of Los Angeles, New York, Northern California, and the California Desert areas. With 10+ years of a music production background, Sailor has a deep understanding of the frequencies of sound. Since a child she naturally began to pursue the creative path recording on her own at 8 years old. As music was always naturally Alicia's first love. She was nearly signed with EMI at 21 years old, opting for the underground path instead. Quietly brushing shoulders with the industry players that shaped the electronic music scene. Since then she has grown to be a key player for women in music and a contributor of the underground festival communities. Her DJ style brings unique and high vibe energy, with an undertone of tribal sound. She has pushed open the gates open for more female headliners especially in NorCal. Selling out shows and putting an emphasis on performers in live shows. You can find Sailor working in the realms of bass, house, and experimental. Selling out multiple underground shows where magnetic energy to crowd becomes electric in the artistic worlds she  presents.

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