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Alicia is began recording sound and video at a young age in Orange County, CA. Its a deep passion within and at the age of 18 she moved to Los Angeles, where she attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Her professional life always consisted of Fashion and in her social life became music where she began throwing events and playing music around the city. After a few years in LA she decided it was time for more and headed over to New York City where she continued in events and music production. She produced music for TV and film including the hit show Broad City on Comedy Central. She also played a few festivals with  artists like Beats Antique and Eskmo. Being a creative she eventually took both worlds and began merging it into visual, where she began art directing with young directors from NYC. She moved back to LA where they soon followed and together she began Art Direction for acts like Lil Uzi, Lupe Fiasco and Neon Trees. This ever evolving artist is being sought out for her eyes and ears and is a force to watch. She is a jack of all trades and flawlessly handles the worlds of music, fashion and film. 

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